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Logical Wiz is the fastest, most convenient way to engage and convert website visitors into leads and appointments.

Trusted by over 50,000 people worldwide

24/ Live Chat for your Website – 3x Conversions from Your Current Traffic

Monitor visitor behavior

Our Live Chat software monitors website visitors and identifies the best time to engage them with a chat. This gives our agents the best chance to turn every interaction into a lead.


Communicate the right message.

We work with you to ensure the right message is being communicated to your visitors. We customize your chat window and script to reflect your unique identity.



Engage at the right time.

Our smart chat algorithm knows when to engage site visitors. Engaging visitors at the right time increases their chance of converting into a qualified lead.


Convert visitors to warm leads.

Our agents are trained to qualify your leads, capture complete contact information, and immediately send it to your team. We do all the work so you can focus on closing.


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We guarantee efficient, quick solutions to all your problems
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Generate Leads Effortlessly

You’ve probably wondered at some point, “How can we enhance lead generation for our business?” Worry no more because we have your back and will provide you with the most effective telemarketing strategies.

Trust our proven process for generating leads with Live Chat


We proactively engage your visitors in real time.



We chat with your visitors to determine if they are buying or selling, and when.



We always provide a pleasant customer experience that keeps you top of mind.



We convert 80% of people who chat into qualified leads on a daily basis.

rusted By Over 50,000 Customers Worldwide




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Live Chat |
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Live Chat |
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Sweet Words From Clients

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Highly recommend

"We are only 30-days in and we’ve closed two deals totaling $800,000 sales. ReadyChat just works."

Mario Speedwogan

May 21, 2020

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